Rocky Mountain Sky

Rocky Mountain Sky

Roadddd tripppp! Relaxation on the road... Like paradise on earth, with breathtaking peaks and wildflowers to behold, a path through the wilderness, where all our dreams unfold. The changing of it's contours, as the sweet clouds go floating by, above the Rocky Mountains, in the Colorado sky.

There's nothing like it, driving through the peaks and valleys of a mountain range with your windows down, fresh sweet air blowing through your hair, the music playing in time with the curves in the road, and miles of adventure on your wheels. Chances are, you've enjoyed the Pacific Coast road trip, or even an incredible weekend drive through the New York Finger Lakes Region. But what if you seek a more wild soul searching undertaking? There is an epic road trip adventure that's guaranteed to get you daydreaming. In Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, the Great Plains of the American West collide with the drama-filled Rockies, one of the most beautiful mountain ranges on earth. You'll lose count of how often you look up and have the beauty of what you see bid you silent. The experience is nothing short of iconic and guaranteed to stir sentiments of freedom and American pride.

It's hard to be in the moment these days when there's an almost-gravitational pull to look at the news on our phones for the one-billionth time. But one of the most powerful lessons we've learned is how valuable it is to immerse ourselves in the experience at hand. Road trips are an exceptional way to have fun and be present in the moment. Of course once you are done driving, a visit to the local mountain hot springs are in order. Delight your senses with bath houses, spa facilities, natural soothing pools, massages, herbal wraps and mud masks.Read More about Colorado National Park Trips.


Lose yourself in the magic of gazing up into crisp blue sky and white puffy clouds, with our signature Rocky Mountain Sky collection.This fragrance captures notes of fresh air, clean laundry and light wild flowers. Available in our signature Aloe Vera lotion formula, soy wax candle and body cleanser.

B.Witching Dreams of Rocky Mountain Sky

Want the Rocky Mountain experience but not able to hit the road? No worries... Reach up into the clouds of the Rocky Mountains with us. Climb high and breath in the crisp clean sweet mountain air.