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Shower Gel
Turn your shower into a luxurious experience! Nourish your skin with our unique moisturizing shower gel formula, enriched with honey and natural moisturizers. These soothing blends leave your skin soft, moisturized and lightly perfumed with our alluring fragrances.
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Rocky Mountain Sky Shower Gel Rocky Mountain Sky Shower Gel

Our unique shower gel formula combines excellent cleansing with ingredients that condition skin, leaving it soft, supple and gently scented with our natural fragrance. Imagine the magic of gazing up into crisp blue sky and white puffy clouds. Our signature Rocky Mountain Sky fragrance captures notes of fresh air, clean laundry and light wild flowers.  8 fl. oz.

Price: $12.95
Balsam Fir Shower Gel Balsam Fir Shower Gel

Chosen by People Style Watch Magazine and CBS Early Show as top gift. Enjoy the aroma of a pine forest with our Balsam Fir collection.   Imagine strolling through the backwoods, pause for a moment and breathe in the earthy bouquet of balsam, pine and evergreens.  Our signature shower gel formula includes skin nourishing Aloe Vera, natural essential oils and real organic herbs. Leaves skin soft, clean and  delicately scented with our rich fragrances. 8 fl. oz.

Price: $12.95
Royal Lavender Shower Gel Royal Lavender Shower Gel

Our deep cleaning shower gel formula is uniquely formulated with skin conditioning lavender essential oil, aloe vera, natural honey and sunflower oil, to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Envelop your senses in the natural therapeutic power of pure lavender, inspiring tranquility and promoting peaceful sleep. Our Royal Lavender essential oil fragrance has bright floral notes as if walking through a field of fresh lavender. 8 fl. oz.

Price: $12.95
Coconut Milk Shower Gel Coconut Milk Shower Gel

For centuries South Pacific Islanders have used coconut oil to nourish and beautify their skin.  Our unique shower gel formula is perfect easy cleansing.  Formulated with skin nourishing aloe vera, natural honey and  essential oils and real coconut oil, they gently cleans skin - leaving it delicately scented with our amazing fragrance of ripe coconut, sweet cream and cool vanilla. 8 fl. oz.

Price: $12.95
Eucalyptus Shower Gel Eucalyptus Shower Gel

Our signature shower gel is formulated with skin nourishing honey,  aloe vera, pure eucalyptus essential oil and organic herb.  Leaves skin soft and delicately scented with bright energetic aromatic and minty notes of pure eucalyptus essential oil.  The perfect aromatherapy spa experience.  8 fl. oz.

Price: $12.95
Sea Glass Shower Gel Sea Glass Shower Gel

Imagine a blissful stroll along the beach hunting for treasure tumbled smooth by the waves and sand. Aromas of clean sea water, fresh air, soft wood and a tiny touch of dune flowers. Our signature shower gel formula enriched with honey and natural emollient oils is perfect for use as a luxurious shower gel.  It leaves skin clean, moisturized and gently scented with this alluring natural fragrance 8 fl. oz.

Price: $12.95
Spa Tonic Shower Gel Spa Tonic Shower Gel

Invigorate your soul with refreshing aromas of green tea, zesty lemongrass and cool aloe vera. Our luxurious shower gel formula enriched with nutrients gently washes away dirt and germs while leaving skin healthy, soft, smooth and lightly scented. 8 fl. oz.

Price: $12.95
One-hundred Roses Shower Gel One-hundred Roses Shower Gel

Nourish your skin with the romantic fragrance of One-hundred Roses. Inspired by a true story of a romance that began with a gift of one-hundred roses and lasted a lifetime, this award-winning formula includes blends of rosewater, rose hip oil and rose distillates. It's perfect for use as a luxurious shower gel, it leaves skin gently scented with our alluring natural fragrance. 8 fl. oz.

Price: $12.95