B.Witching Rabbit Rescue


We are committed to providing a safe haven to abandoned, abused and neglected domestic rabbits. The B.Witching Bunny Barn houses rabbits waiting for adoption into a loving home.  We dedicate team work hours and company funding to caring for the bunnies.  Every purchase you make at B.Witching helps us with our efforts.

Meet some of the B.Witching Bunnies you have helped save!

For some, their stay at the Bunny Barn is short, spending only a few weeks at our sanctuary before finding a forever-home. Other rabbits may live at our sanctuary for months, maybe even years, before their perfect match is found.  We are a no-kill sanctuary and rabbits who are not eligible for adoption, either due to health or temperament, live out their lives peacefully in our care.  

We take the time to learn the personalities of all the bunnies waiting for adoption to help make the perfect match for rabbit and adopter. Upon arrival at the Bunny Barn the rabbits are given medical care if needed and are spayed or neutered, after which they are ready to meet prospective new families.

In addition to providing a safe and loving environment for bunnies, we are committed to educating people about the cruel practice of cosmetic testing on animals, especially rabbits, and actively support PETA and Cruelty Free International.

No animal testing

The B.Witching Bath Co. is forever against animal testing and committed to providing cruelty-free cosmetics for all to enjoy. For over 40 years we have refused to test our products on animals. Please join us in supporting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA.org and Cruelty Free International.org. Millions of animals are suffering in laboratory experiments around the world. 

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