Beach Yoga

benefits of beach yoga

Studies show that exercising on an unstable surface, like decking, a surfboard or sand, strengthens the secondary muscles of feet, hips, knees and shoulder joints. An unstable surface forces the body to do small adjustments in order to maintain the perfect posture. This means using more muscles that we don't normally use in our legs, feet, core and arms. Balancing poses are more challenging, but also more fun! Plus, exercising in a sunny environment, especially near water, helps relieving stress, tension, anger and depression, as well as boosting enjoyment, satisfaction and energy. Ten to twenty minutes of stretching activity are enough to improve our well-being. Adding in a little aroma therapy to help settle your mind will promote inner peace and ultimately happiness. Even if you cannot get to the beach - don't fear! You can bring the beach to you with the refreshing scent of our Coastal Cottage collection.

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Close your eyes and walk through the front door of a beach cottage, take a deep breath and feel tranquility.

Enjoy aromatic blends of fresh ocean air, coconut, wild roses, key lime and sand dunes.