Apricot Farm


Picking apricots is a serene dance with nature, a delicate balance of anticipation and appreciation. As the sun paints the orchard in warm hues, each plump apricot hanging from the branches becomes a treasure waiting to be discovered. With careful hands, one navigates through the foliage, feeling the gentle rustle of leaves and the occasional breeze whispering secrets of the season.

The apricots, in their golden-orange splendor, offer a tantalizing promise of sweetness with every touch. Their fragrance fills the air, a symphony of summer notes that lingers long after the harvest is done. Each fruit, nestled among verdant leaves, is a testament to the labor of the earth and the patience of the farmer.

Picking apricots is not merely a task; it is a communion with the land and its bounty. It requires a discerning eye to select only the ripest, most succulent fruits, leaving the others to ripen in the embrace of the sun. The soft flesh yields to the gentlest pressure, releasing a burst of flavor that is both familiar and new. In this act of gathering, there is a connection forged between hand and heart, between human and nature. It is a reminder of the simple joys found in the rhythm of the seasons, in the act of sowing and reaping, and in the gift of abundance that the earth graciously bestows upon us.

The summer heat brings folks out for fresh fruit and Charlie Olson has been in the business for over 70 years, bringing apricots to Sunnyvale residents since his family moved to California over a century ago. The apricot season is just two months long, June and July. The original family tradition was to open the day after the Fourth of July, however, now global warming brings early seasonal heat making the fruit ripen quicker. Now the season starts closer to the middle of June. "The heat makes the apricots cook on the trees," he says ". We have to pick them right as they change color." A typical day runs from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. seven days per week. There are six hands to help sort the apricots which are picked and loaded into the tractor running from the orchard to the stand. "We have to sort by soft, sunburnt, small and regular size." Charlie says sorting is crucial to different tastes. For example, a sunburned apricot is generally sweeter with a crispy skin and a honey like taste. Younger apricots are a little more tangy. Despite the hard work, he says the effort is worth it. "It really is a labor of love. It’s in my soul. Our goal is to make people happy enjoying out beautiful apricots - and we do."

While other stone fruits have a more pungent floral and sweeter flavor, apricots stand out as both tart and sweet with a more intense aromatic profile. Apricots are an often overlooked fruit, however once you have a good one it's hard to forget it's captivating allure. Here at B.Witching, we blend ours with sweet honey to give it a little extra sweetness, that has become a fan favorite and will have you enjoying all year long.


Savor the aroma of sweet floral honey blended with tangy apricot and sugar syrup, add in some shea butter for super soft skin. Our Honey and Apricot collection is available in Hand & Body Lotion, Moisturizing Liquid Cleanser and Soywax Candle.

Dreams of Honey & Apricot

This morning we woke up on an apricot farm. Gaze out through the window and see the golden fruit ready for picking. Beautiful aromas of perfectly ripe fruit.