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Key Ingredient Mango Butter



The Mango Butter Miracle, with the rich antioxidant content found in mango kernels, this butter is an excellent topical application for eliminating skin conditions. It can help to alleviate inflammation on the skin caused by psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea, among other common conditions. Delays Aging, the antioxidants will also neutralize free radicals, which cause oxidative stress in the skin and are responsible for wrinkles, age spots and blemishes. Applying this butter to your skin can also improve skin elasticity to keep you looking younger for longer. It prevents sunburn. If you apply this butter to your skin before going out in the sun, you will have a lower chance of getting a sunburn, but if you apply after experiencing a burn, it can also speed the healing process. It also protects you from the harmful UV radiation. Mango Butter moisturizes the skin. This body butter is known to moisturize the skin and help water be transdermally delivered into the skin, keeping your skin supple and soft to the touch. It prevents chronic disease. When consumed like a normal butter, it can help to eliminate toxins and free radicals in the body, which can lower your risk of chronic diseases. It speeds wound healing, by applying this body butter to wounds will not only speed the healing process, thanks to the vitamin C and fatty acid content but also protect the wound from any infections.



Treat your lips with B.Witching Bath Co. Grandma Bruce's Old Fashioned Kettle organic lip balm. Helps with the healing and prevention of dry chapped, sun and wind burned lips. Formulated with organic mango butter, shea butter and a touch of menthol, enjoy the refreshing natural tingle sensation. Available in four yummy flavors.