6 Steps to Serenity


We get that everyone has crazy schedules and limited time, but, when was the last time you took a moment to relax? Do you recharge yourself as much as you recharge your phone? Here at B. Witching, we think we have come up with the recipe for realistic relaxation, in only 6 simple steps.

Read + Repeat = Serenity   

STEP 1:  Find the perfect time to escape. Everyone is fed, bathed and in bed? Everything is crossed off the to-do list? Perfect, you’re in the clear!

STEP 2: Find yourself a little snack. Whether it be something small to snack on, a glass of wine (or something a little harder, we don’t judge), nothing at all - do as you please!

STEP 3: Run a bath. Whether you like to be in swimming with the penguins, or bathing on the sun – do you!

STEP 4: While the water is running, add your favorite bath salts or bubble bath. Bubble baths are great for soft, beautiful bath. Bath Salts are best for sore, tired muscles and improving your mood.

STEP 5: Set the room: Dim the lights, light some soy wax candles in your favorite scents, maybe play some music, whatever you like!

STEP 6: Finally… serenity!! Now is your time. Wash away the worries of the day, soothe your tired muscles, and just relax in the tranquil moment you created.

*For best results: bring wine, lots of wine. Repeat as much as needed.  Add a partner if you get lonely.* 


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