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Violet State Of Mind


Violet is the color of the sky, as the sun sets and you see the first blink of twilight. It's the first blooms of spring and the aroma of fresh flowers in your bicycle basket after shopping at the farmers market. 

What does it mean to look at the world through Violet Colored Glasses?  This is the way we see the world in spring... it's a new spin on optimism, it's hopeful and confident that things will get better, with a fresh, just washed, start over slant. Wander through cobblestone streets, marvel at the world bathed in hues of violet. Ordinary buildings become majestic castles, and mundane gardens turn into enchanted forests. With violet glasses on, the world seems to shimmer with magic.

Fill your life with the scent of violets and begin enjoying the world in a Violet State of Mind. True violets have been cultivated for centuries, with the earliest known use of the flowers dating back to Ancient Greece in 500 B.C., if not earlier. The Greeks used violets in their wines, foods and medicines, and they actually loved the flower so much that it became the symbol of Athens.  To us it's the 19th century tradition of aromatic Violet Water, a soft floral nostalgic essence, comprising of delicate aromatic notes of flirty floral, green leaves and elderberry, with a touch of baby powder freshness. Simply captivating.


Embrace the old world tradition, with B.Witching's soothing and aromatic Violet Water collection. Crafted to reveal asoftly floral nostalgic aroma, comprising of delicate notes of flirty floral, green leaves and elderberry, with a touch of baby powder freshness. Our select formulas are infused withorganic flower distillates imported from France.  Enjoy our full collection of candle, lotion and liquid hand soap. Guaranteed to put you in a violet state of mind.

Dreams of Violet Water