The Perfect Shave


As we officially make our way into summer, it's time to take out the razors and keep your legs looking smooth and hair free. But did you know there is a recipe for "perfect shaving?" and that this  recipe prolongs your time between shaves? Try this method to get the closest shave possible.  

Exfoliation + Shaving Jelly  = Legs ready to take on the summer days  

Step 1: Get into the shower. Warm water is ideal, but not hot or cold. Hot water often shocks your skin, leaving it red and sensitive. Cold water closes up your pores, leaving the hair tucked under the skin. Using the warm water, run hands over your skin to stimulate your pores to open up.

Step 2: Exfoliate. Using your favorite B. Witching Sugar Scrub, scoop a small amount of scrub and spread it along your hands. Gently rub your legs and see the dirt wash away. This step opens up any of those stubborn, not yet open, pores and preps your skin for shaving.

Step 3: Shave. Using our award-winning Organic Shaving Jelly, apply a thin layer of jelly to the skin. This crisp, smooth formula is designed to stay clear and never bubble, so you can see exactly what you are shaving. Try to use a fresh, clean razor every time.

Step 4: Show off those beautiful legs. After this shave, your skin will be left looking smooth, healthy and clean!

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