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Key Ingredient Hemp Oil



Hemp Seed oil is the newest beauty trend. But do you know why it is beneficial? Hemp seed oil works miraculously against fine lines and wrinkles. The oil also contains two essential fats: linoleic and oleic. Both of which cannot be produced naturally by your body, but are essential to skin health and anti-aging.

We have been using hemp seed essential oil in our formulations for over 40 years. Our customers rave about the positive effect it has on their skin and have no worries about failing a drug test!


Patchouli Hemp & Aloe Vera Body Lotion

Nativeto the tropical regions of Asia, patchouli's sophisticated deep woodand musky aromatic scent has been used to induce meditation andalleviate stress. Our silky lotion formula moisturizes skin with oursignature blend of patchouli essential oil, hemp oil, aloe vera, soybeanoil, sunflower oil and vitamin E. Infused with the fragrance of freshbotanicals, these heavenly scents will linger on your skin for hours.