Beauty Tip - Hair Massage


Everyone loves the way their head gets massaged while getting a wash at a salon, so why not learn to do it at home? You can bring the relaxation every time you wash your hair. Head massages are easy to do, easy to give, decrease stress and promote relaxation and are great for your hair and scalp too. All you need is your favorite B. Witching Shampoo and your hands.

B. Witching Healthy Hair Shampoo + Warm Water = Relaxation

Step 1: Wet your hair. Make sure to wet all of your hair thoroughly. Warm water is okay, but cold water is best for your hair long term. Try to avoid using hot water. The hot water strips your hair of its natural oils, which could leave the hair dry, brittle and open to more split ends. If you have colored hair, hot water will strip the color faster than cold water.  

Step 2: Shampoo. After picking your favorite B. Witching shampoo, apply a fair amount of shampoo to your hands and rub your hands together to create lather. After doing so, shampoo! Be sure to shampoo all parts of your scalp, behind the ears, by your neck, roots and in the middle of your head.

Step 3: Massage: Using the suds of your shampoo, gently rub your fingers in a circular motion all around your scalp. Depending upon your preference, use vigorous deep pressure massage or gentle soothing just kissed  touches. Massage your hair for as little or long as you want. By massaging your scalp thoroughly, you are not only washing your hair, but stimulating hair follicles, encouraging healthy hair growth, all while enjoying the massage.

Step 4: Rinse. After your massage, be sure to rinse out all of your shampoo from your hair.  You will notice that your hair is shiny, clean and smelling beautiful.


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