Millennial Rose

One-hundred Roses

When Gertrude Stein wrote “a rose is a rose is a rose,” she probably was thinking about the captivating aroma. When it comes to fragrances, rose is a coveted ingredient that is able to shape-shift; as it’s a very complex scent. The flower, which mythologically bloomed from Aphrodite’s tears over her lover Adonis, plays well with other ingredients. Depending on the creator’s vision, rose can smell fresh or feral, peppery or syrupy, whisper light or as dank as a mossy cave. It can soften up a woodsy composition or add a voluptuous undernote to other scents. It turns musk scents dreamy and makes fruits flirtatious. Yet despite its heroic position in the perfumer’s tool kit, rose had backslid in recent years. Independent creators, like B.Witching Bath have championed the rose in all its glory, liberating it from the delicate bottles and coquettish reputation to prove that fresh, honey, velvety rose can be a powerhouse on men and women alike. And now old is new again and Millennial’s are crazy about Rose — the scent of passion, of love, of dulcet longing — is the new unisex. Once you smell a truly beautiful, buttery, velvety rose, it is impossible to resist. We are starting to see a generation that is self-assured enough that they will wear any fragrance that they feel smells right.  B.Witching Bath’s award-winning One-Hundred Roses collection has been a favorite in the rose category, yielding aromas of fresh honey floral, velvet rosewater and whisper light blonde wood.

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Fill your life with classic romance and the award-winning scent of One-hundred Roses.  Inspired by a true story of a romance that began with a gift of one-hundred roses and lasted a life time.