Tea Time Ritual


We’re not talking about that dusty tea bag you drop into a mug for thirty seconds until it turns bitter, drowned in milk and absent mindedly sip while glued to your computer screen. And we’re also not talking about the Strawberry Zinger or Peach Detox tea that is overpowered by the artificial chemical flavorings. We’re talking about real, fragrant, loose-leaf tea which captivates your attention, invigorates your spirit, and nourishes your body; tea which reminds us of our intimate connection to nature, invites us to slow down and snaps us back to pay attention to the present. More people are turning to mindfulness practices in the twenty-first century and building meditation rituals into their daily routines. The tea ritual is the perfect complement to this trend. In these rituals, we are finding the means to fight our way above the confusion of daily life, resisting the push and pull of distractions and demands on our attention.

But tea has another magic trick up its sleeve. The powerful combination of a gentle dose of caffeine with the amino acid known as L-Theanine is what gives tea drinkers that slow-burning boost of focus and energy, without any of the jittery caffeine-fuelled buzzing highs and drowsy lows that coffee lovers experience. L-Theanine prompts an increase in dopamine levels—the happy hormone—and Alpha brain waves, which has the effect of relaxing the mind and body, relieving anxiety and promoting a sense of well-being, all the while amplifying your ability to concentrate and sharpening your senses.More than ever, we use our rituals to find an undisturbed moment of clarity in each day when we can take a look at the bigger picture.

Like yoga or meditation, cultivating a tea ritual and incorporating it into your day can have similarly powerful effects. Enjoyed alone, tea can put you in a frame of mind akin to that of a mediation session; shared with friends, the experience can be one of profound bonding—without the artifice of alcoholic intoxicants. Your tea ceremony doesn’t have to be a three hour session on a remote mountain top. If you have a kettle and some tea on hand, a mere ten minutes can be all it takes. You can even skip the tea pot and go directly to tea infused aroma therapy candles, soap or hand lotion. The ritual of simply lighting a candle, washing your hands or massaging your skin with an amazing tea scented lotion can revitalize your senses and have the same mood altering effect. 


Make Tea Time your personal relaxation ritual and immerse yourself in tranquil aromas of refreshing black tea, blended with fresh squeezed lemon, a touch of brisk jasmine and honey syrup. Take a moment to light a candle, wash your hands or gently massage in our amazing lotion. Shop now to view our entire Tea Time collection.