Seven Year Apple


There‚Äôs nothing more American than apple pie - except, perhaps, picking apples in an apple orchard.  Apples, apples, what a treat. Sweet and tart and good to eat. Apples green and apples red, hang from branches over head. And, what a hard won achievement, all those beautiful apple are! Did you know, apple trees naturally do not begin to flower and produce fruit reliably until they are several years old? Some apples will not bear a significant amount of fruit until they are 5 to 10 years old. Apple trees grown on dwarf rootstocks may flower and fruit after only two or three years.  Even if young trees flower, they generally will not produce a large number of fruit. So that beautifully shaped, sweet, juicy, honey syrup flavored apple you just picked is the product of years and years of Mother Nature's hard work. Savor the effort with our Apple Cider collection. Juicy aromas of sweet honey apple blended with simmering cinnamon and festive spices.

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Take a walk through an apple orchard with our Apple Cider collection. Indulge in aromas of freshly pressed apple cider with hints of simmering cinnamon and seasonal spices.