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Body Opening Massage


While hot stones and seaweed wraps can get pricey and require professional training, giving someone a relaxing massage is still within your grasp. By learning some basic techniques, giving massages at home will be a breeze. With these steps, you'll be able to treat a friend or a loved one to some quality self care. 10 tricks of the trade to get a Body Opening Massage experience:

1. Pick a comfy location. A massage table would be best, but if you're in pinch, a bed, couch or even a sturdy kitchen table works.

2. Offer support. If you're using a table or other hard surface, lay down a soft mat to ensure comfort. A mat at least 2 inches thick will do.

3. Set the mood. Keep the room warm, inviting and relaxing. Play some music, dim the lights, light aromatherapy candles to set the tone.

4. Have the massage recipient undress to their comfort level. Clothes can restrict certain massage techniques, so have them undress to however they feel the most relaxed and at ease. Don't pressure them and allow them privacy before beginning. Also, give them a sheet to cover up as you massage them.

5. Have the person lie face down and use a towel or pillow to support and cradle their head.

6. Begin with oil. Pour a few drops and rub it between your hands. Our B. Witching massage oil formulations really does the trick and comes in various mood altering aromas.

7. Start from the bottom. Begin at the lower back, moving your hands upward, apply light pressure. Repeat for about 3-5 minutes.

8. Petrissage: Use short, kneading circular motions around the neck and shoulders. Use your palm, fingertips or even knuckles.

9. Fanning: Position your thumbs at the top of the back, just below the neck and on either side of the spine. Using a "fanning" motion with your thumbs extended, push gently down toward the lower back with your pressure angled at the person's feet, not down towards the ground.

10. Twists: Reach around their far hip with one hand, while the other hand rests on the near hip. With a fluid motion, pull one hand towards you as the other one pushes away; in the middle, they should slide against each other, in opposite directions.


Ease away tension and stress with this nourishing blend of six naturaloils including the finest organic sesame and jojoba oil, obtained fromthe first press of the seed. Massage over muscles for relaxation andaromatherapy. Simply divine relaxation.