Key Ingredient Spearmint



Spearmint, Mentha Spicata or Garden Mint. What comes to mind when we think of Spearmint? Wrigley’s Spearmint gum, the Mojito cocktail, or old time confectionary favorites like the Mint Julep. It might surprise you to know how Spearmint differs from Peppermint and Wintergreen. It is simply that Spearmint contains no menthol. So if you suck on an after-dinner mint that doesn’t frost up your mouth or brush with a minty toothpaste that gives just a mildly cooling sensation chances are it’s Spearmint. Refreshing, no less but it offers a slightly different herbal quality. This popular and easy to grow plant is commonly used to treat stomach ailments but some people just love the fresh herbal scent. It is known to relive headaches, stress, nervous conditions and keeps you mentally sharp. It’s also used to relieve itching. A great treatment for dry winter skin.

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Refresh and revive your senses with the garden picked aroma of refreshing tingly cool spearmint. Our Spearmint collection is infused with 100% natural Spearmint Essential Oil.