Backcountry Poetry


From the Appalachian Trail in the East, to the Pacific Crest Trail in the West, and countless miles in-between, some of the best backcountry hiking destinations in North America are accessible in our national parks. Backcountry hiking means spending at least one night in the wilderness, usually at a designated backcountry campsite or trail shelter far from the nearest road. On a recent backcountry hike we were introduced to the art of Backcountry Poetry. A creative exercise of self expression while enjoying all the wilderness has to offer.

Poets can bring the beauty of nature to life with their words, the same way B.Witching brings the fragrance of nature to your life.  Poetry and the natural world live together. And taking pencil to paper by the light of a roaring campfire can be very rewarding. From mountain top to valley floor, from prairie fence to ocean shore, hiking, in essence, is a poem of itself. Poets can translate those trails into language and onto paper. Keep in mind poems aren’t stories. They don’t have messages to the reader other than to observe. Observe, and perhaps messages will come to you. Breathe in. Take note. Savor.

Imagine a midnight stroll through the backwoods, The trees grow tall, The stars shine bright, Pause for a moment and breathe in the earth, A bouquet of balsam, pine needles and evergreen, One foot in front of the other, As you move along the enchanted path.

On your next hike, bring poetry along the way, and enjoy your time on the trail in a whole new way. Great things are done when men and mountains meet. This is not done by jostling on the street.” — William Blake

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Share the tradition. Imagine strolling through the backwoods, pause for a moment and breathe in the earthy bouquet of balsam, pine and evergreens. Enjoy the aroma of a winter forest with the ones you love with our Balsam Fir collection.