Zone Therapy

Acupressure therapy

Acupressure therapy, a type of holistic healing which is connected to Reflexology, has been traced back to the Egyptians. This healing is actually the predecessor to Reflexology itself. It is a simple therapy used to ease ailments of the body without aid of medicated substances. The body is made up of zones, 5 on the left and 5 on the right side. Each zone has corresponding body parts in each. The fingers and toes are known to affect the rest of the body, depending on what zone you are trying to help. The main focus is using the body’s nervous system to treat a person’s pain. Since the nerve endings of the hands and feet are so near the surface, it makes them most susceptible to pressure when working in zone therapy. Tender spots are located on the body, and massaged in relationship to the zone you are working to impact. Adding the use of a crystal massage wand or wooden massage stick will enhance the pressure on targeted areas. Adding a touch of essential oil massage oil will assist the process by aiding glide. This process slowly affects the zone and the body part within it, relieving tension or pain from the area. The human body is a miraculous wonder, and it’s no surprise many people have used this method of healing for so long. However, bringing in some reinforcements couldn’t hurt and here at B. Witching we make it our priority to help you feel and look amazing in your own skin!   

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Using an aromatherapy massage oil or hand and body lotion formulated with essential oils will only heighten the effects of a Acupressure Therapy massage.