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Many people just aren't as connected to nature as they used to be. Earthing or grounding is a technique that is becoming more popular as the distance between humanity and nature gets larger. Earthing is connecting your body to the earth, literally. The premise is that you tap directly into the energy of the Earth by walking barefoot on the beach or in the grass in your backyard and use this energy to re balance your own internal energy. The science behind it all is, the body naturally generates 'free radical' or compounds in the body that are harmful over time. Free radicals lack energy or electrons in this case, some believe a way to control these free radicals can be done through Earthing. The Earth naturally emits electrons, which react with the free radicals in our bodies and act to relieve the body of possible inflammation.

Earthing can also be done indoors too! Those who can't or don't want to spend time outdoors can accomplish some of the same results indoors. These are ways to make indoor grounding easier! An Earthing mat can be used under your arms or feet while on a computer to reduce the amount of EMFs you are exposed to. It is also easy to bring when traveling. It's a mat or sheet that you plug into a normal outlet and it allows the earth's natural electrons to flow up through the wire and onto the mat. Why do so many find the act of walking or standing in sand or grass so energizing and soothing? Maybe there is something too it? Whether you’re an outdoor or indoor Earther, caring about our customer's minds and bodies is what we strive for and adding the aromatherapy element to your Earthing ritual will bring it full circle. Try lighting an aromatherapy candle while curling your toes in the sand, walking or laying on your mat, and make it a sensory surround experience.


Setting the stage with candle light and natural landscape aromas brings the experience full circle.