Karma Cleanse

karma cleanse

Having some bad luck lately?  In Hinduism and Buddhism, the word Karma, refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence their future. The general principal is, if you do good things in your life, good things will happen to you, and if you do bad things, then bad things will happen to you.  Hmmmmmm... Interesting... It would be amazing if we all just lived a good and pleasing life, right?  Well, what do you do when you have a run of bad luck? Can you reset your Karma, so good things will happen? Taking a relaxing bath is a time many people enjoy and indulge themselves in, as they should! Taking care of yourself goes a lot further than just eating healthy and exercising. Performing little night time rituals and spending a little extra time on yourself not own improves your mood, but makes you feel amazing. But many people overlook purifying their auras. While many might not believe it, the human body is more than just millions of cells. The body is energy, not only exerting but absorbing. You come in contact with many people throughout your day and everyone has their own energies (negative and positive) that their bodies give off. Our bodies are constantly fighting to get us at a level homeostasis, and the negative energies people can give off might be stopping our auras from readjusting and settling properly, leaving many of us out of sync with harmony. For centuries, our ancestors have used monthly salt baths to detox the body of negative energies that might be lingering. The benefits definitely outweigh how funny you might feel taking an cleanse bath.  Here are a few:ยท The salt water draws out toxins.  Bacteria and other skin conditions are drawn out through the bath.  Muscular aches are relieved and blood circulation is also improved. Adding our B.Witching bath oil and salt soaks to a monthly karma cleanse bath, may detox your body and soul, and get you set in the right direction. 

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Our Karma Cleanse Therapeutic Bath Soak is enriched with skin softening European Spa Salt, Epsom Salt, Lemongrass Essential Oil, plus other signature essential oils and nourishing extracts.