Old Homestead Lilac


The lilac bushes on our farm are beautiful and overgrown, and I sit beneath their heart shaped canopy when I want some time alone. I quietly watch a mother robin build a twig-bowl nest, and smell each tiny trumpet face and know our homestead is blessed.   Makes you want to plant a lilac on your front lawn and lay beneath it?   Lilacs are known for their hardy nature and long lives, as many lilac shrubs live to be more than one-hundred years old. Because of their long life span, they often survive longer than the home of the gardener who planted them. So, if you’re on a country road and see a few seemingly-random lilac bushes, there most likely was a house or farm standing there in the last century.  Not only do they come back year after year, but they also put on a show for the senses with colorful blooms and heartwarming sweet scents.  The bush features clusters of heart shaped green leaves and it’s flowers are arranged in whorls of three, with a tubular base opening up into a delightful trumpet shape. The clusters of flowers range in color from cool light purple to pinkish mauve hues. The smell of lilac is prestigious, deep and showy, reminiscent of rose with hints of vanilla and sweet honey. Enjoy the aroma of blooming lilacs blended with white lily with our limited edition Lilac & Lily collection.

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Sit below our lilac canopy and delight your senses with the breathtaking aroma of blooming lilacs, blended with a touch of sweet lily.