Outdoor Shower

SHOWER of Eden

An outdoor shower is kind of like the Garden of Eden with soap and a towel, maybe a fluffy robe added in for extra pleasure.  Feels a little sinful in a very clean kind of way: a stream of water falling from the heavens, through the air, sounding like the welcoming hiss of a snake. It's outdoors, when you know it's supposed to be indoors, and one never forgets that fact, or the thrill of fresh water cleansing your body, every time.  

Here at B.Witching we are always sharing ideas to keep us in natural balance with Mother Earth.  Have you ever had a shower outside on a sunny, warm day? Well you should. It’s a great way to refresh yourself when it’s hot. Plus, if you live near the beach, an outdoor shower makes it easy to rinse the sand off before going indoors. Adding an outdoor shower to your home, country cabin, farmhouse, patio or garden is an easy project that can enhance the beauty of your landscaping and add a festive experience to your abode. We took some time and converted a garden gazebo into an outdoor shower, down by our brook and we love it.  There are many easy install kits you can find online, with a simple Google search. For some it’s as quick as converting a water hose or spigot into a shower. However, that only offers a cold water shower, which really is all that we need for a hot summer day. Alternately, you can call in a plumber to bring hot water to the spot, we still find the brisk cool water refreshing for our purposes.   If liberation is the spirit of summer's luxury - bare feet, open windows, short sleeves and long weekends - certainly, showering outdoors deserves to be first in line as a symbol of freedom.  Add in a summer scented shower gel and you are on your way. Go get one!

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