Spa Tonic


The bustle of the life stress disappears as you push through frosted glass doors. A tinkling bell announces your arrival. The aroma of fresh aloe and clean linen washes over you and reminds you of welcoming bed sheets. A soothing prelude of piano keys brings a calm feeling over your body. Drifting across the room, you note the relaxing sound of a waterfall  gurgling over smooth stones. You sigh in relief and sink into the plush seating. Sipping refreshing green tea, a relaxing sensation seeps into our muscles, making you feel as though you’ve been at the spa for hours.  We all need a little R and R from time to time.  Whether you prefer facial treatments, hot stone massages, or hydrotherapy baths, lavishing every inch of yourself can be the ultimate stress reliever.  Of course we all wish we could lounge at the spa every day, but for those of us who can't, the next best thing is to trick our senses into being there! Capture a moment of tranquility and add in amazing therapeutic products, because you're worth it.

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Infused with soothing blends of Green Tea, Lemongrass and Aloe Vera, our  Spa Tonic collection is tranquility in a bottle!  Treat yourself to a quick Spa Tonic experience. Try it.