Clover and Willow

Clover & Willow

A light breeze flutters spring green leaves and bushels of wildflowers. You run your fingers across fragrant petals. Hints of fresh grass and the scent of a recent rain shower swirl around you. Being outside in rolling fields of little clover pom poms and heart shaped stems, always makes a person feel in tune with their inner flower child. Even on cloudy days, you can still experience the clean, floral kiss of nature with B. Witching Bath’s Clover and Willow collection.  Aromatic notes of grass, blond wood and wildflowers will transport you to a green-hued glen! And if your green thumb doesn’t stop there, check out Apartment Therapy’s The Best Indoor Garden Ideas for Bringing the Great Outdoors Inside for some DIY’s to create a lush garden inside your home too!   Plant + Parent = Plar-ent

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Enjoy light aromatic notes of fresh grass, blonde woods, green leaves and a tiny touch of wild flowers. Imagine running through fields of clover filled with sweet blooms, lush green leaves, a touch of willow bark and musk.