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Make V-Day ME Day

V-day Me day

With the arrival of February, many people get excited about romance and Valentine's Day. Up until recently, the idea of love was mostly centered around moon-eyed cupid impaled couples. But as times change, so does the vision of love. In the modern world, the definition of love has emerged towards all aspects of our lives; the love we have towards our siblings, the love a parent has for their child, the love we have for nature and our pets and best friends, and the love we have for a Significant Other.  It is a multi faceted and elastic emotion, breathing and alive in all of us.

There’s one kind of love that we tend to over look, and the most important, that is self-love. It’s the love we have for ourselves that is the most precious and personal. It is said that you can't truly love another unless you love yourself first. When you are able to look inward and say ‘Love You’ there is no greater feeling in the world. Self love isn’t a complicated thing, but rather, composed of many small, positive acts that you can do to project inner positivity, dignity and self acceptance. Focusing some time on a personal spa day, dressing yourself in your own personal style, engaging in a favorite hobby, relaxing with your favorite candle, or enjoying a delicious meal and going to the movies alone, are all different definitions of the same word: self-love.

As old fashioned ideals of love are questioned in a modern light, we suggest transforming V-Day into ME Day, a celebration of love for yourself as well as loved ones. A special day to take mindful steps towards celebrating love in all it's forms. Treat yourself to a little something.

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Strike a flame andlet the aromas of love envelope you. Our Love You candle combinestender aromas of light florals, baby powder, a touch of warm vanillaand lavender, perfect for a Valentine's Day gift, a ME Day treat or just to share some love.