Spring Clean Your Body


Everything seems possible in spring. It’s the season of hope, of new life and fresh beginnings. It’s also the perfect time to turn over a fresh leaf and embark on a Spring Cleaning Body plan! Over the winter months, perhaps we let our exercise program slide, got cooped up in stuffy buildings, or were home bound by COVID or a string of nasty colds. Spring is the ideal time for cleaning. It brings an open, energetic, enthusiastic feeling. Here are 7 easy ways you can start to spring clean your body:

1. Get outside and open the windows! After spending the winter indoors, it’s great to get outside and get some fresh air and vitamin D from the sun. Throw open the windows and let a sweet clean breeze in. Fresh air will do wonders for your mood and complexion.

2. Eat more raw foods. Begin by making a visit to your local Farmers Market.  As the weather get warmer, trade in some of your hearty comfort foods for some local and seasonal raw vegetables, fruits, and sprouts.  When eaten raw, they are full of all their vitamins, nutrients, minerals and enzymes, which can be lost in the cooking process.  Raw foods are energizing because they bring into the body their own supply of enzymes, so the body doesn’t have to pull from its own stash to process the food.  If totally raw vegetables don’t appeal to you, steam them very lightly so they still have some crunch.  Raw foods are alive, meaning microorganisms can live on them.  Highly processed foods are dead foods, they take ages to go bad or spoil.  You may find that eating dead, junk food, we start to feel like junk.  When we eat living foods, we feel more alive! 

3. Face Spring head on with a overhaul of your facial cleansing products. Change up your routine a bit and refresh your skin. Cosmetic ingredients can build up over time and we recommend changing things up once in a while, as your skin needs a refresher too.  B.Witching's organic award-winning face care line may be just what you need to breathe new life into your winter skin.  Clean out with our Natural Honey Facial Cleansing bar and Rosewater Toner to remove toxins and unclog pores.  Add on the Charcoal Mask for a deep cleaning effect.

4. Clear your head of toxic Social Media. Clean out apps, contacts/people, photos, etc. Unfriend, unfollow, and unlike pages and people that are negative. Fill your social media feeds with inspiration, positive people and businesses that bring you light and love!

5.  Take a Spring Detox bath. One of the best ways to promote detoxification of the skin is to include salt baths in your routine. Salt helps to bind toxins and draw them out of the skin. The lymphatic system is like your body's sewage system. Toxins, bacteria, cancer cells and other debris all get shuttled into the lymphatic system and then transported along a system of valves to our lymph nodes where immune cells are waiting to defend us. You can help the flow of this debris, by helping the vessels of this system contract and expand by taking a bath.   The B.Witching Spring Detox bath soak is formulates with blended refreshing citrus essential oils and Epson salts. 

6. Scrub a dub dub.  Exfoliate your skin.  Get rid of the hardened dead skin from the winter and get silky soft skin that’s ready to be shown off in short sleeves and dresses. In addition to giving you silky skin, exfoliating and dry brushing are great for increasing circulation and activating the lymphatic system. Try a refreshing spring scented Sugar Scrub to get the job done.

7. Drink an extra glass of  water each day.  Last but not least, clean out the body from the inside out.  Our body is made up of 75% water, we lose 3 quarts on a daily basis through respiration, sweat and urine.  We need to make sure we are replenishing our body with it’s water supply so it can function properly and flush out toxins.  Staying hydrated can prevent premature aging and help our skin look dewy and plump.  There is no sense in applying anti-wrinkle creams if you aren’t keeping your cells hydrated from the inside out. Drinking water also helps with weight loss, eliminates headaches and pain, and fatigue.  

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 Spring clean your body! Healthy skin begins from the inside out by following a diet packed with vital nutrients and essential vitamins.It can also be nurtured along with a multi-step process of cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing and moisturizing. Get started with our wholesome products.