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Winter Weekend Detox


There are many, many different ways to detox. We recommend the book The Detox Plan for Body, Mind, and Spirit. It outlines a simple program based on the latest detox research. It is safe and sensible . If you have any special health challenges or concerns, check with your health practitioner. Otherwise, block out a quiet weekend and aim to follow it for at least two days.

1. Start by eliminating the following from your diet: alcohol; caffeine (tea, coffee, sodas, etc.); dairy products; wheat; red meat, including sausage, hotdogs, "junk food", "fast food" and sugar.

2. Eat lots of fresh organic fruit and vegetables: Prepare fresh detox soup, salads and stir-fries. Drink fruit and vegetable juices, especially beetroot, broccoli and celery, try to juice your own whenever possible. Refrain from using salt is your flavoring, natural herbs and spices are fine, but avoid commercial seasoning mixes, which may contain MSG and other flavor additives.

3. Relax with a cup of caffeine-free herbal tea, nettle or fennel are especially good choices. Some detox experts recommend green tea, which is rich in antioxidants, but be aware that it contains some caffeine.

4. Replace breakfast with two tablespoons of organic maple syrup mixed with two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, half a pinch of cayenne pepper and at least half a pint of warm water. This mixture is the basis of a very simple and effective spring fast known as the "Masters' Cleanse."

5. Drink eight glasses of still water each day, to help flush your kidneys and digestive system. Hot water is used extensively for detoxing in the ancient Indian system of ayurveda, and although it may sound unappealing, it can be quite pleasant, particularly with a little lemon.

6. Restore the vitamin and nutrient balance in your skin. Starting with the skin most seen, your face. Detox and clean your face with a gentle facial cleanser or toner. We recommend our Natural Honey Facial Cleansing Bar and Rosewater Toner. Then apply Vita-Gold facial serum enriched with DMAE, Coenzme Q10, Vitamins A, C, B3, B5 & E. Now move on to the skin and inside organs we don't see. Grab that bottle of multi vitamins and take your recommended daily dose. If you don't have a regular daily multi vitamin, look for one that is enriched with Omega-3 DHA, Vitamin D and Magnesium, along with the other vital nutrients and vitamins that suit your lifestyle.

7. Lounge and engage in guilt free day sleeping. Be gentle on yourself. Learn to listen to your body and its needs. If your body is crying out for rest, let it rest. Your body does most of its repair work while you sleep. However, if it is crying out for a slab of chocolate cake, resist (try a piece of fruit or tea with a little honey instead).

8. Indulge in steam showers or mineral salt baths each day. If you have access to hydrotherapy treatments or whirlpool tub, great. If not, try a steam shower or Epsom salts baths at home. Salt baths drain and detox the skin, promote circulation and relaxation. See our other articles on therapeutic salt soaks.

9. Brush your skin for five minutes before you shower or bathe. It stimulates the flow of lymphatic drainage and promotes good circulation. Use either a damp washcloth, a natural-bristle body brush or a sugar scrub. Start by moving from the feet up the legs toward the back of the knees and then up the thighs. From the fingers, brush arms toward the armpits, then gently down the neck toward the heart. Then exfoliate the back and torso. Avoid areas that are tender, irritated or have broken skin. Start with gentle movements, building up to gentle but firm pressure. Exfoliating sugar and salt scrubs will help this process along.

10. Practice evening meditation or candle gazing. You deserve 30 minutes of calm. Our minds get toxic too. The chronic stress of everyday life can lead us in the wrong direction. Clear your thoughts and reset with moments of focused quite.

Detoxing isn't always easy. As your body flushes out toxins, it can produce a few side effects and you may find your motivation slipping. Headaches are very common when you give up caffeine. Drink plenty of water, rest and use a few drops of lavender oil on your temples. Remember, this is a sign your body is recovering, and the discomfort won't usually last more than a couple of days. By Monday morning you should emerge fresh and rewarded for all your hard work.


Here are some simple products to get your detox started right. Our Detox Kit includes some of the essentials mentioned here in the story. Also displayed are some of the B.Witching team favorites. It's easy to put together your own selection of detox products too. Try it.