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Harvest Moon Bath


Full moons always shine a little brighter and feel more special against a black velvet night sky. Looking up and seeing a crisp full moon during autumn can make you feel so immersed in the spooky season. For many, the coming of September and October is an exciting build up to Halloween. Trick or treating, carving pumpkins, and pillowcases of candy are a few of the simple joys of the season! But if you're more of a homebody, there are still ways to have a spooktacular time! Taking a harvest moon bath can give you a cosmic boost and rechannel all the positive energy you have been putting out all year. The full moon phase is the most potent and powerful in the cycle. Combined with the rich, manifesting energy of the autumnal harvest, it's a lovely treat to yourself. But don't be afraid to sneak a Snickers or two!

Why a Moon bath? Bathing has always been symbolic of spiritual cleansing, especially to help clear one's inner energy. Choosing a specific time of the year to have a candle lit bath can affect you and your mentality depending on the season. Having a hot bath during the winter months can cozy up one's soul against the frosty chill, sprinkling flower buds in warm water during spring and summer celebrates the newness of the growing season. Phases of the moon are also taken into account as well as the season. Where as a new moon symbolizes contemplation and recharging, the full moon celebrates fertility and divine energy. Taking a moon bath not only invites the positive energy of the season it shines in, but the Moon itself carries properties through its connection to the Earth and the element of water. The Moon's feminine energy doubled with water's sinuous nature make it the perfect bathing ritual combination for the body and soul.

The perfect Harvest Moon bath at home: Taking a Moon bath is all about relaxation and recharging your energy. Slipping into the water will help release all those negative vibes. If you can, allow some harvest moonlight to spill into your bathroom or washroom while you bathe. Seeing the moon's glow reflected in your bath is both assuring and energizing, as the harvest moon is a powerful one. Add some of our B. Witching Bath Co.'s bath soak to the water. Light a few of your favorite B. Witching Bath Co. candles and turn down the lights! Settle into your bath and allow yourself to float, letting your mind clear. Breathe in the sweet aromas around you and focus on your breathing. Taking time to be mindful about yourself and actions can help you appreciate the little things in life you might glaze or from time to time.Imagine the Moon's glow soaking into your skin and enjoy the healing energy of your harvest moon bath. Don't forget the Halloween candy snack!


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