Key Ingredient Rosemary



Rosemary oil has a long history in Ancient Rome as a ceremonial herb and has been used in cooking, cosmetics and herbal remedies. Aside from it amazing aroma, it's primary feature in skincare and natural cosmetics is the herb's ability to remove the appearance of excess oil. It has a natural astringent property that freshens up oily skin and hair without causing dryness. It’s a member of the mint family, which also includes tasty basil, calming lavender and sage. Since ancient times, new ways have been discovered to get the most of the multi-beneficial oil. Think Detox and rejuvenate!  Rosemary oil can help stimulate your skin, which promotes hair growth and can treat hair loss. Uplift a Sour Mood! With a  good whiff,  Rosemary can easily perk you up and leave you feeling more energetic.

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The herb gardeners favorite.  Enjoy the woody, brisk pine and minty notes of Mediterranean Rosemary, perfectly captured in the therapeutic power of our signature lotion formula infused with pure rosemary essential oil.  Our fast absorbing lotion conditions skin, leaving a smooth powdery after touch, never a greasy feel.  It can be applied head to toe.

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