Key Ingredient Red Clover



If you’ve ever stumbled across a cluster of purple-tinged flowers, you might have written them off as stubborn weeds. However, those little flowers have a mighty and detrimental history. Red clovers aren’t like other clovers you might find. Their immune-boosting qualities have made them a medicinal favorite among herbalists and even product manufacturers. The oil of the red clover is often sought after, and is extracted from the purple flowers for many purposes. Whether you’re a flower eater (we don’t judge) or use the fresh flowers to to press between your finger tips for their amazing aroma, red clover oil isn’t something to miss.

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Get in touch with your inner Flower Child. Enjoy light aromatic notes of fresh grass, blond woods, green leaves and a tiny touch of wild flowers.  Imagine running  through fields of clover filled with sweet blooms, lush green leaves & a touch of willow bark.