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Mood Bath


At the end of a long day of working, taking care of beloved pets or kids and keeping house, your emotional state can be completely off kilter. Life can be very demanding and can take a toll on your overall mood, which can lead to outbursts and mood swings! One way to curb your crabbiness is a mood-balancing ritual in the form of… a bath! Taking a bath can calm down your emotions and return yourself to a tranquil state. Block out quiet time for yourself, light a candle, silence your cellphone, and pour in some bath salts or bubble bath into a warm running tub to help your mood.

B.Witching Mood Baths:

Take it Easy: add a splash of Spa Tonic Bubble Bath and light its matching candle for a mood refresh. The notes of lemongrass and green tea make it a great settle-down scent to help you destabilize after a tough day. 

Super soothing: Lavender will do the trick to achieve a relaxing mood! Our Royal Lavender Bubble Bath and candles are a perfect duo for a calming mood bath.

Romantic and luscious: really treat yourself to the aromatic scent of roses and rosehip oils with our One-Hundred Roses Bubble Bath to give yourself some extra lovin’!

Our select B. Witching Bath Co fragrances Spa Tonic, Royal Lavender and 100 Roses are perfect to transform your bath into a mood-altering experience.

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