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Scent of Solace


We all have our go-to relaxation techniques, which change as we journey through life's various stages. But, whether we are on a shopping spree, enjoying wine with the girls, or working out to de-stress from busy days, we always come back to that place we all love. Home, sweet home. Home is the place you can be yourself, relax and feel safe. Your home is your haven, and when you go there, you should be surrounded by all your favorite things, including fragrances that soothe your soul. Whether you are new to the wonderful world of fragrances or are an expert on perfume, aromatherapy, and scents that can profoundly enhance your life, we have a list of fragrant ideas for you. We hope they will inspire you to take some time for yourself because everyone deserves some time for soulful self-care and love.

Ocean Breeze

The ocean is always connected to spirituality, peace and healing. There is something so soothing about the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and the salty taste of the sea air. You don't need to live near the ocean to bring the beach theme into your home. Start with the bathroom with little shells and starfish, driftwood and sea glass art and salt-infused beauty products. There are so many ways you can bring the beachy summer vibes home. Indulge in our Sea Glass Collection Box and relive those blissful beach days from last summer.


Many people are obsessed with sunflowers and walking amongst a blooming sunflower field is on the bucket list of many travel-loving souls. If you were so lucky, you would know the scent of sunflowers is soothing, feminine and uplifting. The appearance of sunflowers is what strikes people most. The sunny vibes of sunflowers make people smile as kittens, cupcakes and babies do. Finding out they smell exquisite is a huge bonus. Sunflower oil actually comes from the seeds, not from the flowers. The extract can be described as floral, earthy and natural, with a hint of fruitiness and sweetness. Be as bright and cheery as the flowers with our Sunflower Collection Box. It comes with sunflower tissue paper, which is so lovely.


You might associate Rosemary with cooking or gardening, both soul-soothing activities to enjoy at home. But we challenge you to use it more in the bathroom for soap and lotion after your shower and in the bedroom when you want to light a scented candle. Rosemary has a herb that has many healing properties, so it very easily puts your mind, body and soul into a relaxed state. It is also a natural repellent for bugs and insects, so in the summertime, it can drive away unwanted guests. Treat yourself or a loved one to our Rosemary Herb Gift Box. Anyone, including keen gardeners and cooks, would appreciate this gift.

Balsam Fir

Evoke memories of freshly cut Christmas trees and long forest walks with Balsam Fir spa products that will make you feel relaxed and connected with nature without even going outdoors. The aromatic scent of Balsam Fir lends itself to relaxing at home with leisurely afternoon naps, gardening and perhaps some arts and crafts projects. It's the earthy and organic scent that helps you chill out and get back to the important things in life, whatever that may be for you. We feel like Mother Nature herself would approve of our Balsam Fir Collection Box. It's bliss in a box.


Lemon has long been used for fragrances, lotions, candles, and other bath and beauty products and is a classic go-to scent for many people who love its tangy, fruity freshness. When blended with other citrus scents, you have new fragrances in harmony with the environment you want to create at home. It's so popular you can find lemon scents used in every room of your home although we like it best in the bedroom. There is nothing like stretching out on soft linen sheets to read a book with lemony tones wafting in the air. Or meditating with lemon-infused intention to relax your mind. You can always rely on lemon when it comes to fragrances that soothe the soul. Get fresh and fruity with our Lemon Zest Collection Box.


The fragrance of cranberry is upbeat and vibrant, reminding us of picking berries in the countryside and then enjoying the fall festivities that followed. You might be reminded of Thanksgiving gatherings, orchard visits or sweet drinks with friends. It's a happy fragrance for sure and smells just divine. Real cranberries are seasonal, but you can enjoy the fruity sensation all year round with cranberry-scented products. We are crazy for cranberry. Dive into the Cranberry Lane Collection Box that has many of our best-selling cranberry goodies included.


The sweet fragrance of coconut instantly transports you to tropical vacations, with swaying palm trees and delicious flavors of coconut. In the tropics, coconut is infused in your meals, cocktails and massages. The locals use it in everyday life for all kinds of things and the tourists enjoy every taste, sight and smell of the coconut that is synonymous with sun-kissed holidays. So having the fragrance of coconut is totally soothing for the soul since it takes you back to a tropical paradise or perhaps inspires you to go there. Did someone say Thailand or Bali? Our Coconut Milk Collection Box has all the coconut memories packaged into a gorgeous box.

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Incorporate aromatherapy practices and fragrance use into your homelife, so it becomes part of your regular life rather than an indulgence.We invest so much into our physical and mental health while ourspiritual or soulful side sometimes comes last. So let's put our soulsfirst today! Indulge in a collection box filled with captivating personal care products, hand and body lotion, cleanser and soy wax candle. All you need for a escape.