Golden Oats


Maybe you are like me... your dreams are filled with images of living on a farm. Gazing out over the vast fields, sometimes green and sometimes blazing gold, but always sun-kissed with open bright blue skies. Back behind the main living house is a barn, it's quiet and there's no one around. But down in among the tall field stalks, there's plenty of life stirring on the ground. The stalks are slowly swaying to the wind. Like liquid gold that ripples and runs, that floats and flies, with subtle shadows, and the glistening sky. It's time to take a seat, nibble on a blade of grass, relaxing in the sun.

In the heartland of America, blankets of golden oats, green soybean and corn stretch as far as the eye can see. Generations of farmers till the rich soil and harvest its abundance to feed a nation. This is a region where family values and respect for God and country are instilled in citizens from childhood. It is here, growing up in America's heartland, that many learn the values of family life: love, respect, honesty, loyalty, bravery and self discipline. The golden values, we should all live by.

Recipe for a farm girl; All you really need is a bucket of nature, a cup of laugh, a pot of herbs and the kiss of a calf. Add in dash of cream, a pinch of sun, a teaspoon of vanilla, a handful of oats, and you are just about done.


Enjoy our Golden Oats collection, warm heartland aromas of sun-kissed golden oatmeal, blended with sweet cream, vanilla, almond and honey.

Golden Oats is available in soothing hand & body lotion, soy wax candle, moisturizing liquid cleanser and other exciting products.

B.Witching Dreams of Golden Oats

Join us on a stroll through a golden field filled with sunshine and warmth. Light a candle and relive the experience for hours.