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Tomato Trophy


Do you remember your first vegetable garden? The sweet smell of success? One tiny seed planted in the soil, under golden rays of bright sunshine. Anxiously watering, fertilizing and tending to it day in and day out, finally a tiny seedling pops through the soil. Your work has just begun. More watching as tiny buds form, yielding branches and leaves. More weeding, mulching, watering and watching. A trellis vine of robust green and fragrant stems emerges. The wonder of a tiny yellow blossom appears, then seems to flail. Oh dear.

Thankfully, little nubs of green fruit begin to set. Week by week, more watering, more watching. The green fruit grows plumper. Slowly, it begins to ripen, changing color from vibrant medium green to a lighter shade, with faint pink or yellow blushing. Don't rush it, patience, you tell yourself. More watering and more watching. Finally, the moment! Gently navigating the leaves and vine you place your hand in and twist the tomato from the plant, cradling it in your hands, you bring it closer for inspection. Can't resist the brisk earthy aroma of the spicy vine blended with notes of sweet fruit.

Ahh your trophy. The first ripe tomato of the season. The Tomato Trophy. Red, bright, sweet, a hard-won achievement. Eating it will be worth all the hard work. A good tomato is hard to forget. You know you've hit the jackpot in the first spicy fruit scent.

Step into a sensory garden with our Heirloom Tomato personal care collection, where each product captures the essence of sun-kissed tomatoes fresh from the vine. Our collection is a celebration of the spicy, peppery aroma of heirloom tomatoes, offering a unique olfactory experience that transports you to a summer garden. Begin your sensory journey with our Heirloom Tomato Cleanser, crafted to cleanse and invigorate your hands with its refreshing tomato fruit aromas. It effortlessly washes away impurities while leaving a subtle, lingering scent that evokes memories of bountiful gardens. Enhance your ambiance with our Heirloom Tomato Soy Wax Candle, designed to fill your space with the warm, spicy fragrance of ripe tomatoes. Made from natural soy wax and organic essential oils, it burns cleanly and evenly, creating a relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of a sunny afternoon in the garden.

For the perfect gift, explore our Heirloom Tomato Gift Sets, curated to pamper your loved ones with the wholesome goodness of heirloom tomatoes. Whether treating yourself or someone special, our gift sets encapsulate the essence of summer with every use. Indulge in the surprising freshness of our Heirloom Tomato collection and let the vibrant aromas uplift your senses, whether in your kitchen, garden, or bath. Discover the beauty of heirloom tomatoes beyond the plate.


Selected by House Beautiful Magazine as Best For Kitchen & SouthernLiving Magazine top gift. Our fresh sun-kissed garden Heirloom Tomato collection showcases delightfully spicy, peppery on the vine tomato fruit aromas. It'sperfect for dispelling pungent aromas from the garden or kitchen. You will be surprised!

Dreams of Heirloom Tomato

Savor the sweet spicy smell of success. That unforgettable scent of green leaf, spice and fruit. You know it when you smell it and it smells so good...