Summer Detox

Summer Detox

This summer promises to be full of beach days, pool parties and fun in the sun. A summer detox is the perfect way to ensure your energy levels match the high-energy vibes of the warmest season. Our B.Witching Detox Kit is just what is needed and it will only take a few days of detoxing to reset your mind, body and soul. After doing our powerful detox, you might get comments from friends and family about how wonderful you look. You will feel great too. So let's find out more about the detox that will help you get ready for summer.

Getting Ready To Detox

To maximize the benefits of your summer detox, there are some steps you can take in the days or weeks before you start. 1: Drink plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and healthy smoothies, so your body starts to flush out toxins naturally. Try to buy organic produce if possible and stay away from added sugar. This means saying goodbye to coffee, milk, alcohol and fizzy drinks. 2: Eat lots of salads, soups and dishes using vegetables, brown rice, nuts, beans and legumes. Eliminate meat, dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and ice cream and processed food, especially junk food that is heavy in sugar and salt. 3: Try drinking warm herbal tea in the morning and before bed. Lemon, ginger and green tea are all great for aiding a detox. Throughout the day, drink plenty of fresh water to support your kidneys and digestive system. Warm or hot water is used in many cultures for detoxing, including Indian Ayurveda medicine and Chinese medicine. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime to give a little taste. 4: Engaging in massage and gentle practices like yoga and stretching can improve the detox process. Indulge in some spa time or take some long leisurely walks and connect with nature to get your body and mindset ready for a detox. 5: Get plenty of sleep and rest leading up to your detox.

How To Use The Detox Kit Products

It's time to start the detox that is going to make you look and feel fabulous. Use the Natural Honey Facial Cleansing Bar from the detox kit to cleanse your face. You might like to team it with our Rose Water Balancing Facial Toner (not included in the kit). Next, apply the luxurious Vita-Gold facial serum enriched with DMAE, Coenzme Q10, Vitamins A, C, B3, B5 and E. It is a wonder product that will make your skin glow. When your skin is dry, use the exfoliating brush or a damp facecloth to massage your body. This helps with circulation and stimulates the flow of lymphatic drainage. Begin with your feet and massage your way slowly up your body, avoiding any sensitive areas. Use gentle to firm pressure as you use circular motions. Next, we bring the spa to your bathroom as you open the Spa Tonic Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. Start with a refreshing shower or bath to soften your skin. Then apply the sweet scrub to your body and massage it into your skin using soft circular motions. Concentrate on any areas that are especially dry, such as elbows and feet. Finally, rinse off and dry your body with a soft towel.

What To Expect During Your Detox

It is common to experience some discomfort as the toxins begin to leave your body. This could be in the form of headaches, sugar cravings, tiredness and irritability. In addition, you might feel very emotional and prone to crying during a detox. While this isn't fun, it is a sign the detox is working as unwanted toxins exit your body. Soon the reaction will subside and be replaced with a feeling of energy, joy and vitality.

How To Take Care Of Yourself During Detox

During your detox, try to make time to relax and listen to your body if sleep beckons. You might feel like napping during the day, watching a movie, meditating, or hanging out with a friend on the beach.

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Here are some simple products to get your detox started right. Our Detox Kit includes some of the essentials mentioned here in the story. Also displayed are some of the B.Witching team favorites. It's easy to put together your own selection of detox products too. Try it.