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Kitchen Spa

Kitchen Spa

The kitchen is the heart of the home and in this role, it is the center for family, food, and entertainment. Its also the hardest working room in the abode, required to be stylish, functional, durable and hygienic. Today's kitchens face additional demands from diverse user groups, beginning with infants through to the more mature; serving multiple duties in a tiny home, or simply trying to keep up with a young, busy and growing family. 

As home designs increasingly remove walls in favor of open floor plans, kitchens are integrating fully with living spaces, transforming into "living kitchens". At the center of this busy kitchen space is the sink.  The sink is the most important workplace in the kitchen. Funny to note, sixty percent of time spent in the kitchen is spent at the sink. Sinks allow for slicing and dicing, washing dishes and scrubbing of hands and plenty of pots. 

Creating some soothing time in the busiest place in your house can be very tricky. Washing hands with scented soap transforms a mundane task into a sensory experience, engaging both touch and smell. The gentle lather carries aromatic notes, enveloping you in a cocoon of fragrance. The rhythmic motion of rubbing hands together becomes a soothing ritual, calming the mind amidst daily chaos. Fragrances like lemon, lavender or rosemary evoke tranquility, transporting you to serene landscapes or cozy retreats. As warm water cascades over your skin, tension melts away, replaced by a sense of purity and rejuvenation. In these fleeting moments, amidst bubbles and scent, you find solace, turning a simple act into a blissful oasis of relaxation.

We believe, just the simple task of washing your hands with an exquisitely scented soap, or lighting a candle that you love, can turn your kitchen into spa experience. Try it.

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The kitchen is a place for socializing with family and friends. Turn your kitchen skin into a sap experience!  Let'stake it up a notch by adding the enjoyment of one of our Kitchen &Garden liquid soap or essential oil soy wax candle. You will be glad youdid.