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Herbs & Honey


Wandering the rows of fresh fruit, vegetables and blooming florals at the farmer's market gives the best kind of sensory overload. The sweet scent of ripening peaches, plums and coriander is mixed with bunches of wild roses, carnations and other pretty flowers. Nuts, jams, jellies and honey are warm reminders of how lovely homemade food can be.

The air is buzzing with busy chatter about what tastes divine and predictions about seasonal favorites that might be featured in the weeks ahead. Perusing the rows of freshness, you don't need to be a chef to imagine the dishes that can come from the just-picked oranges, apples and lettuce. Exotic flavors from juicy fruit and crunchy vegetables that go farm-to-table are proudly displayed by the salt of the earth farmers. They devote their weekends to selling an abundance of food that grew from just a tiny seed and offer a taste to tempt you to buy. As if the rainbow of colors and aromas weren't enough, a taste seals the deal and your arms are soon full of lush flowers, fresh herbs and sweet lemon-infused honey.

The goodness of healthy food, the meditative time selecting ingredients and the variety of produce are just a few of the pleasures that come from shopping locally at the farmer's market. Running into old friends, discovering a new cold-pressed beverage and feeling organized for the coming week are an added bonus.

At home, you can joyfully design the week's menu, blending in the vibrant flavors with the staples and sprinkling on fresh leafy herbs that elevate every dish. Boosting your immune system as well as your foodie experience, herbs, honey and all things healthy are seasonal treats that everyone loves.


Don't wait for the farmer's market toindulge in Mother Nature's best. Our Herbs & Honey collection can bein your hands any time you desire. Sweet herbs, nectar, garden flowersand wild honey are the hero ingredients of our decadent collection.

Dreams of Herbs & Honey

Stroll along the stands taking in the rows of freshly picked herbs, fruits and vegetables. A treasure trove of farmhouse freshness. Fresh flowering herbs and sweet honey, good enough to bath in...