Coastal Cottage

Coastal Cottage

The salty taste of the ocean air gives you the first hint you are near your seaside cottage retreat. The lighthouse comes into sight and the sound of the waves crashing on the sandy shore welcomes you back. A blissful feeling of peace and tranquility washes over your soul as soon as you open the front door. Your coastal cottage mood is overflowing with tender moments of gratitude for the best things in life. Fresh air, the feeling of the sun rays on your face, wildflowers blooming in a messy display along the gravel roads, that only Mother Nature could create. Kids run through the sand dunes with wild enthusiasm while the adults walk along the sugary sand that hasn't been touched by the ocean water yet. The tides come in and out as the days pass by far too quickly.

The mornings of beach walks, collecting shells and hermit crabs blend into long afternoons of riding bicycles, reading books in your comfy hammock and perhaps a well-deserved power nap. Then it's time for the BBQ to be fired up with some of the fresh seafood from the daily catch on the menu. Someone is making spiked iced teas in time for the sunset that is the curtain being drawn on another day of seaside vacationing. It's time to indulge in a long bath to soak in the divineness of the day. Light a candle to soften the atmosphere of your seaside serenity state of mind even more. Cozy cotton pajamas go hand in hand with enriching beauty treatments made for self-care and mindful moments like these. Shea butter infused with key lime and coconut, and a night stand with a vase of hand picked wild roses, is just what you need. Finally, fall into a deep sleep that only long days at the beach can induce, until you wake the next morning back in the place of your dreams.

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Come escape with me to a sweet little cottage by the sea. Relaxing in your coastal cottage, enjoy the fresh summertime scents infused with coconut, wild roses, sea salt and key lime.  Indulge in products that will leave you feeling pampered, revitalized, and naturally beautiful. Available in soy wax candles, hand and body lotion, and hand soap.

Dreams of Coastal Cottage

Ocean breeze in you hair you best friend by your side and a cozy coastal cottage awaits your return. Guaranteed to be back every season.