Wine Country Bordeaux


Wandering through lush vineyards with a glass of Bordeaux in hand is one of life's pleasures you should experience at least once. But once you get a taste of the good life, you will want to go back for more. Savor the rich kitchen flavors of red wine paired with locally-made cheese and bread as the afternoon sun warms your body. The rolling valleys that meet green mountains invite a road trip through the scenic countryside that is waiting to be discovered. The only pace of life here should be slow, appreciated, and, if possible, shared with friends, family, or your lover. Napa Valley Wine country is overflowing with charm and prettiness and an abundance of nature that is reflected in bird songs, flowers and flowing rivers. Take it all in and remember to be present as you explore the stunning landscapes that seem to never end.

Sample another velvety vino at a tasting room with interiors that are pure rustic elegance. Sophisticated rich wines with fruity, ripe flavors touch your lips and make you feel like you are swimming in a waterfall of love. Who wouldn't love to live the Bordeaux lifestyle? It's the good life and now, if only we could bottle it...


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Treat yourself to the finer things in life, including our Bordeaux wine inspired lotion, liquid soap and candle, reminiscent of Napa Valley wineries, rural country life, extravagant luxuries and the adventure of travel. Tea tree oil, organic botanicals and essential oils are blended to create a collection that is just begging to be in your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

Dreams of Bordeaux

Wander through lush vineyards with a bottle of Bordeaux lotion in hand. One of life's pleasures you should experience at least once.