Hydrangea Summer

Hydrangea Happy

A walk through the community gardens in the summertime always brings us to the joyful sight of hydrangeas in bloom. If ever there was a happy summer flower, it has to be the puffy, fragrant hydrangea that comes in shades of lapis, indigo, pink and purple. These bright billowing blooms can be seen from far away as you look for a shady spot to relax. Lay out your picnic blanket right in front of a huge hydrangea bush and let the dogs play with the fallen flowers. The little cheerleaders with their flower pom poms will be jumping for joy as you unpack the decadent nibbles from your picnic basket. A spread of sandwiches, berries, and snacks with frozen drinks beat the heat, as you kickback for some relaxation. Now it's time to capture the moment with a summery selfie, a helpful passerby offers to take the photo. It's a grateful keeper and time to indulge. With a smile and a wave, your kind samaritan disappears down the path, never to be seen again.

During lunch at the park, conversations unfold about how the afternoon will be spent. There are boats to hire for a scenic paddle on the lake and a botanical glass house to explore full of exotic plants. The ducks could get a treat if there are any leftovers to spare and if, by cue, the first ones start to waddle up, quacking wildly. They dine and dash, leaving as fast as the previous visitor and it's time to pack up and continue the afternoon adventure. Leading the wave with hydrangea bouquets of summer fun, everyone is off, oblivious to the sun's heat and the smiles of others enjoying the beautiful day.


Blends of natural essential oils and high-quality botanicals make this collection a delightful treat. It has a soft and romantic fragrance that is subtle but unmistakably summery. This collection is available in Hand & Body Lotion, Moisturizing Liquid Cleanser and Soywax Candle.

Dreams of Happy Hydrangea

Join us for a walk through breathtaking gardens billowing with luscious hydrangeas. Sensuous fragrant notes of fresh air, sweet floral and crisp green leaves. The happiest of flowers.