Lemon Tree

Lemon PORCH Party

Bowls of fresh lemons sit on the kitchen table, adding a bright splash of color and distinctively fresh and fruity scent to the room. More lemons are hanging on the tree outside, with yellow bursts also scattered around on the grass. This season has seen an abundant bumper crop of citrus with neighbors dropping by to get their zesty gifts, lemon-infused desserts coming out of the oven, being made fresh every day.

When life gives you lemons, make juice! Squeeze the ripe lemons, remove the seeds and be careful none of the juice splashes into your eyes. Add ice to the glass jug when you finally have enough juice. Throw in some slices of fresh lemon for an extra blast of citrus to make it look pretty and you have a healthy drink everyone loves. Then add a teaspoon of organic honey to sweeten the juice, and pour some sparkling wine for the perfect fizzy drink. It is the simplest recipe you will enjoy often, and maybe one of the most popular too.   Drink some now and bottle up the rest for an evening with friends on the back porch, sharing conversation of the day and nibbling on just baked lemon sugar cookies. How refreshing to make your own fizzy lemon zest porch party your friends will remember forever.

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