Coconut Vacation

Coconut Tree

One hammock strung between two coconut trees. That's all you need. There is something magical about long sunny days in the tropics. The hours drift by blissfully to the rhythm of the swaying coconut tree palms in sync with your hammock swinging gently in the breeze. The sun's warm rays kiss your skin with hints of sea salt and sunscreen. The tropics are the perfect place to be when it comes to relaxing and connecting with your inner peace and happiness.

Take a deep breath and smell the tropical flowers in bloom, gaze out taking in the ocean views with boats bobbing in the water, while sipping a cool drink. The ice clinks as it melts, and you reflect on how the afternoon will be spent. Maybe there is time for a dip in the sea before the indulgent spa treatment with a therapist who will massage the last traces of tension from your body. Your mood is elevated as you find yourself on a cloud of bliss with the enticing scent of coconut floating in the air.

A sunset stroll on the beach is like the dessert served after a delicious five-course meal. With your toes in the sand, the pink sky is ignited with the promise of another balmy day tomorrow. The sound of the waves lapping at the shore meet music in the distance as some parts of the island are just waking up. Let them dance the night away because your soft bed with luxury linens is calling your name and it's always a deep, rejuvenating sleep when you have spent the day under the coconut trees.   

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