Mojave Moon

Mojave Moon

The deserts of the American southwest have their own brand of mystery. Sexy, alluring, dangerous, mysterious filled with folklore and bounds of adventure.  We have always envisioned this collection to be an anthem to female independence and exploration.  Wild earthy tones mixed with wildflowers and sand dune spice. Setting the stage for a perfect desert night.

The wails of a lone wolf echo through the night. It feels so close but is probably miles away.  We gaze at the community bonfire, sitting on the wooden balcony of our rustic home-away-from-home, a cool breeze eases the heat that appears to be rising with the moon. Seems like a good night to take a nighttime stroll with some stargazing stops along the way. The moon shines bright and high lighting our path.

The wolf is quiet now and the air is filled with the sound of beating drums. Hypnotically drawn towards the sound we go deeper into the desert. A mysterious woman appears in the shadows of the cactus and willow trees and beckons for us to follow. Intoxicating clouds of smoke drift toward us creating an alluring mood. Exotic aromas of patchouli, spice, amber and sandalwood rise through the air. Soon we are dancing in the moonlight with people in wild elaborate dress and bright make-up. Communicating only by expressions and gestures, they seem possessed by a joyful higher vibe that we want to feel too. The music gets lowered and we are ushered back onto the desert path where we came from. Back to our home under the stars, down to earth and in a dreamy daze that doesn't seem real. The wolf howls at the far away moon. Seems like the perfect night to light a candle...

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The Mojave Moon collection is our most magical and mysterious collection yet. With earthy tones that are wild and organic, you can easily get lost in the desert wildflower scents mixed with patchouli, vanilla and sand dune spice.  

Dreams of B.Witching Mojave Moon

Join us for a stroll in the desert moon light. A mysterious journey filled with beautiful aromas that delight the senses.