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Indian Summer


Along the line of mirror lake water, bright crimson trees stand, and all day long the wild birds call, until the sun sets over the land. There are few places as serene and peaceful as a lake house in the early fall. Time moves as slowly as the water that makes gentle ripples when a bird lands on its surface or a child tries to skim a rock. Arriving at this home away from home is always blissful as you realize the feeling of chilled-out relaxation and quietness remains the same as the visits in the years before. The adirondack chairs and dock are still there, inviting you to grab your new book and cozy up for a while. The old oak tree stands strong, holding onto the rope swing that the kids rush for, the moment they remember it's there. Everyone scatters to their favorite corner of the house, feeling content that this free time is made just for them.

Vibrant sunrises meet days filled with the aura of glowing turning leaves. The days activities always end with gatherings to eat and drink. Long walks, bird watching and collecting sticks for the campfire are loved times for the whole family. Canoeing on the smooth mirror lake is a popular thing to do in the afternoon and when it is warm enough, the bravest souls jump into the cool water and swim around with all the energy in the world. Let's fire up the BBQ to cook thejuicy steaks and perhaps a freshly-caught fish if it didn't get away.Pour some wine and settle in for a few hours of music, conversation andboard games. Another radiant sunset rolls around and it's time to stroll out on the dock, wrapped up in a warm blanket, relaxing in your chair, behold the epic reflection of the sun and turning leaves.

Transport yourself to the nostalgic charm of Indian Summer with our exquisite personal care collection. Each product is a tribute to the vibrant hues of autumn leaves and the sun-kissed tranquility of lake house days. Our lotion is a luxurious blend that moisturizes and nourishes your skin, leaving it delicately scented with notes of amber, spice, and warm vanilla. It evokes memories of leisurely afternoons spent by the water, embracing the essence of Indian Summer. The cleanser gently purifies and refreshes, infused with the same captivating fragrance that lingers like a gentle breeze on a balmy evening. It cleanses not just your skin, but also your spirit, bringing you closer to the serene moments of summer's farewell. Light up your space with our soy wax candle, crafted to evoke the cozy ambiance of an Indian Summer evening. The flickering flame releases a comforting blend of musk and spice, creating an atmosphere that resonates with warmth and nostalgia.

Experience the essence of Indian Summer through our thoughtfully curated collection, where every product is designed to capture the beauty and serenity of those unforgettable cabin days.


The Indian Summer collection is reminiscent of annual cabin vacations, sun-filled days and balmy evenings that are a signature of lake house days. With fragrant tones of amber, spice, musk and warm vanilla, we take you back to the days that will be fondly remembered always. You will be delighted by our festive lotion, liquid soap and candles.

Dreams of Indian Summer

Join is for a dream of a bright majestic Autumn sunset over a lake all a glow with bright leaves of red, orange and yellow. The musky warm spicy scent warms your heart.