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B.Witching Holiday Tradition


Christmas songs boom over the sound system filling the rooms with festive excitement. Now and then, the Christmasy tunes are interrupted by giggles of delight as heirloom tree ornaments are hung on the tall balsam tree, bringing to mind memories of holidays before. Everything glows in the sparkle of Christmas lights.

A scented holiday spiced candle sets the stage for the task ahead. The gift list is long and thankfully everything was delivered, most have given subtle hints about what they would like. Then there are the hard to buy for ones who seem to have everything, including the ugly sweater and matching slippers you gave them last year. With a high pile of gifts needing to be hidden, it's time to get wrapping with Santa's eager helpers working double time. With gift boxes and gift sets lined in a row, the festive aroma and music make spending hours wrapping perfectly enjoyable, even the strangely shaped presents are a breeze.

Hanging stuffed stockings on the mantle is the finishing touch. Each is packed with magical holiday inspirations that are sure to delight. Time to relax on the couch in front of the warm cracking fire, with marshmallow cocoa and gingerbread cookies, while you take a moment to feel the magic of Christmas. Feeling confident everything is taken care of and the Christmas party plans have been confirmed, all that is left to do is enjoy with a little me time.

The annual family photo is going to look beautiful this year with a glittering tree decorated with fancy baubles filled with love. A white christmas light dusting of first snow enhances the silent night before the Christmas Day chaos that starts early with the youngest ones bouncing around at the crack of dawn. Traditions are kept and new ones invented, but some things never change!


Christmas always seems to be aroundthe corner, so why not keep the festive feelings going all year round? It’s the little things we do eachyear during the holiday season that become the memories we carry throughour lives... the traditions we pass down to our children and share withfriends and family. Enjoy the B.Witching Magic!