Mighty Oak Tree Forest


Here at B.Witching we take inspiration from nature and the magical landscape of the earth around us.

The mighty wind blows, it steals the oak tree’s leaves and pulls at its bark, but still the oak tree holds it’s ground, as other trees fall all around. Mighty oak trees have roots that stretch into the earth far and wide, growing stronger everyday since their seeding days. Sometimes when faced with challenges, all you need to do is wander through an oak tree forest, gazing up into the tall canopy of leaves, and realize that your roots make you stronger than you ever knew. The strength of a mighty oak tree has roots in all of us.

The aromas of the outdoors can inspire resolve and strength. Common elements that contribute to that fresh and inviting smell of a forest include earthy type scents.  The forest floor is usually covered with a layer of decomposing leaves, twigs, and other organic matter, creating an earthy aroma that is often described as musty or rich.

Forest woody scents are warm and reassuring and very often form the important base notes to many famous fragrances which are built on underlying notes of bark, moss and wood oils. Wood oils that are key to fragrance composition include Sandalwood, Oakwood, Rosewood, Agarwood, Birch and Cedar.

You know that smell of the forest...its dense and damp and green...its mother nature, you inhale it inside you and for that moment you are one with the earth.

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Our signature Oak & Moss collection is designed with deep aromatic blends of earthy oak wood, sweet vetyver grass, nutmeg, moss and amber. This collection is available in shea butter lotion, liquid soap, shower gel and soy wax candle.  

Dreams of Oak & Moss

Take a walk through an oak tree forest, breathe in aromas of fresh grass and wood. You know that smell of the forest... comforting...