Waves & Driftwood

Waves & Driftwood

Every day is beautiful when you work near the ocean of the Pacific Northwest. A morning walk along the weathered dock brings calming comfort. The strong and battered wood is a refuge for the teasing seagulls. The wind blows strong with seamen and paddle boarders swaying to the rhythm of the tide. The wild cresting of waves toss driftwood high upon the rocks gleaming like jewels in the sun. The sun-bleached driftwood rides the waves seasoned and strong.

Down on the docks where the ships come in, the ocean glitters with the wake of boats and ocean spray. Orcas breach showing off their mighty fins. As always, the breath of the wind and tide whisper the lure of the distant blue sea and the air smells crisp and clean with sea salt and warm driftwood.

The seaman's life is a story of hardships, sacrice, and hope. It is a story of people who have chosen to follow their dreams, even though it means facing great challenges. It is a story of people who are willing to put their lives on the line to keep their families fed while keeping the world running. Everybody gets a chance to meet the sea during their lifetime. Yes, everyone has the opportunity to visit the ocean, be it someone who strolls on the beach for a vacation, a passenger on a ship, a traveler, a diver or a sailor. But the person who truly comprehends the life that the sea bestows is the Mariners. Every seaman traverses the same cycle. There are highs and lows, affluence and scarcity, aspirations and desolation, as well as long-distance love affairs. To all the seafarers out there, keep safe... May the winds always be in your favor.


Each wave brings you closer, like driftwood seeking the shore. Enjoy fragrant blends of salty ocean breeze, warm amber and driftwood. This collection is available in Hand & Body Lotion, Moisturizing Liquid Cleanser, Soywax Candle & gift sets.

Dreams of Waves & Driftwood

Grab a cozy sweater and stroll along the sand, breathe in the aroma of salt water mist and waves crashing against rustic, sun bleached driftwood.