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Dreams of Balsam Fir


In the heart of a sprawling pine forest, where sunlight dances through a canopy in gold and green specks, there is a path seldom traveled. It winds its way through the towering pines, their trunks rising like ancient sentinels, and their branches reaching for the sky with a majestic grace. This forest is a realm of quiet beauty, where the earthy scent of pine needles mingle with the crisp mountain air.

Today, the sun cast its gentle glow upon the forest floor. With each step, the soft crunch of pine needles beneath your boots echo through the tranquil woods. You journey deeper into the forest, the trees seem to grow taller and more imposing, their branches intertwining overhead to create a verdant canopy that filters the sunlight into dappled patterns upon the ground. The air is musky, brisk and refreshing, carrying with it the scent of pine resin.

With every rise and fall of the forest floor, you encounter a new vista of beauty. Sometimes, the path leads you through gentle slopes, where the ground rises and falls like the rolling waves of the sea. Other times, you find yourself ascending up steep hills, their summits crowned with clusters of pine trees standing proud against the sky. As you walk, you can't help but feel a sense of awe at the sheer scale and majesty of the forest around you. Its as if you entered a realm untouched by time, where the ancient pines stood as guardians of a forgotten world.

Take a moment to pause and admire a magnificent pine tree, its trunk wide, thick and gnarled with age, its branches reaching skyward in a graceful arc. Beneath its boughs, a carpet of pine needles form a soft fragrant bed, while nearby, a cluster of pine cones lay scattered like treasures waiting to be discovered.

Lost in the tranquility of the moment, you close your eyes and breathed in deeply, allowing the earthy scent of pine and balsam fir to fill your lungs. In that moment, you feel a profound connection to the forest and all its wonders. For in the heart of those towering pines, amidst the whispering of the wind and the rustling of leaves, there is peace. You continue your journey through the pine tree forest, carrying a sense of peace with you, a light to guide you through the shadows of the world.


Surround yourself with aromas of a pine forest with our collection of Balsam Fir personal care products. Enjoy the earthy scent of balsam trees, bark, pine needles and evergreen. This beautiful collection is available in lotion, liquid soap, soy wax candle and other enchanting gift options.

Dreams of Balsam Fir

Join us for a backcountry stroll through a stand of evergreens, a tall canopy of fragrant pine needles and woody tree bark. The smell is enchanting just like our Balsam Fir personal care products.