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Power of Vitamin Sea


If only we could pack all the goodness of a day gazing out over the ocean, into a little blue pill and take one every day, we would all be so happy! Come to think of it, doesn't tumbled sea glass bare a resemblance to little blue pills? Just kidding! Don’t you love it when you instinctively know that something makes you feel amazing, and then science actually confirms it? And though we always knew how great living by the water makes us feel, spending time at the beach is known to help people reboot and refresh, and we can all use some of that.

The blue hues... You probably already know that colors can affect our mood. In fact, color specialists have sprouted everywhere to help brands define their colors, matching hues with values. Several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy, or the use of colors to heal. Chromotherapy is sometimes referred to as light therapy or colorology and is still used today as a holistic or alternative treatment. Blue, for example is used to soothe illness and treat pain. It’s also known to relieve stress. Reflecting the ocean, and the color of a clear sky on a warm afternoon, color psychologists confirm that blue has a natural power to make humans feel relaxed and calm, slow down the heart rate, lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

Happiness is hanging out... For most of us, a beach trip is associated with unwinding and vacation time. It’s usually a time to unplug from electronic devices and spend time with people we enjoy. That down time not only sparks creativity and innovation by recharging our brains, but social engagement is also good for us. Why else do people huddle around the tiki bar?

Revive and heal... The beach sun brings a healthy dose of Vitamin D and if you have respiratory problems, the salt in the sea water helps with decongestion as the components of the water will help your lungs to expel whatever doesn’t serve them. If you have bone aches, bathing in sea water can help diminish pain and floating or swimming in the ocean also helps relax your muscles and support the recovery of certain lesions. Add in its strengthening effect on the immune system and overall, salt water has incredible healing virtues.

Meditative and inspiring... Spending time by the ocean brings fresh perspective. Walking along the shore collecting sea glass and shells puts us in a meditative state similar to walking a labyrinth. The aromas of ocean air soothe our senses, clears our mind, calms our body and we’re able to enjoy and live in the present moment. Hunting for wave tumbled treasure along the beach is wonderful, in that it allows you to connect with nature, while also providing a meditative background soundtrack.

Get a glow... Sand on the beach is a naturalexfoliant, besides stimulating blood flow. A long walk on the beach,not only helps you unwind and tone leg muscles, it also serves tostimulate the soles of the feet– think reflexology–while providing muchneeded exfoliation to a part of the body that’s often overlooked.

Read more of our other articles Beach Brain and Benefits Of Beach Yoga, both are guaranteed to inspire! Need to rest, recharge and reconnect? We have a treatment just for you! A healthy, happy antidote to the speed of everyday life. Go get some Vitamin Sea.


Imagine a blissful stroll along the beach hunting for treasure tumbledsmooth by the waves and sand. Enjoy aromas of clean sea water, freshair, soft wood and a tiny touch of dune flowers in our signature Sea Glass collection, available in soothing hand and body lotion, liquid soap, soy wax candle, bubble bath, other personal care products and gifts.