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B.Witching Bath Co. Celebrity Clients Awards and Distinctions

Awards & Distinctions

We truly appreciate all the recognition we receive from the media. Still, it's very exciting when our products win an award for the best in it's class. Below is a list of our most recent awards.
Green Business Award - Sustainable New Jersey & Hawthorne Environmental Commission 2018
NY Now Best New Product Award - Natural & Organic 2018
House Beautiful Magazine Category: Best for the Bath - Natural Honey Bar Soap
Coastal Living Magazine Best of the Zest - Lemon Zest Body Lotion
NYIGF Extracts Best New Product Awards Category: Best Natural /Organic Product 2nd Place - Organic Muscle Rub
Self Magazine - Healthy Beauty Awards Category: Best Bath Soak Winner - One-hundred Roses Bubble Bath
NYIGF Extracts Best New Product Awards Category: Best Natural/Organic Product Winner - Organic Shaving Jelly
Fitness Magazine - Beauty Awards Category: Best Bath Soak Third Place - Coconut Milk Bubble Bath
House Beautiful Magazine Category: Best for the Kitchen - Heirloom Tomato Kitchen & Garden Soap

House Beautiful.com - Category: Best New Product for the Kitchen - Rosemary Kitchen & Garden Soap

About our simple product packaging:

Waste not. Want not. Here at B.Witching we don't believe in over packaging with extra boxes, fancy bows, cellophane and the like. Although many of our customers find our simply elegant, straight to the point packaging quite trendy, we believe it’s the goodness inside that sells every bottle. As a company who's founder grew up during the Great Depression, we support conservation. Our goal is to keep Mother Nature happy by not creating extra stuff that your trash company needs to dispose of. Since the very beginning our focus has been to reduce packaging and maximize the use of renewable or recyclable materials, with a special interest in reducing the flow of solid waste to landfill. We were "Green" way before it was fashionable.

Our inspiration:

Each of our products is inspired by an experience. A brief moment that touched the heart of someone at our company. Maybe that event was a romantic gift of one-hundred roses, or a solitary introspective moment of gazing up into a cool crisp blue sky. Perhaps it was picking the first ripe tomato from our summer garden or running to the window to witness the first snow fall of the season. Our aspiration is to capture that moment and share the experience with our customers, so they can transform what would otherwise be a mundane task of grooming into something magical and bewitching.

How we source our ingredients:
We search far and wide throughout the world to ferret out authentic ingredients that meet the high standards our customers have come to expect. Most are provided to us through long standing relationships with renowned farms that specialize in select botanicals. For example, our lavender oil and herb is provided to us from the Norfolk Lavender Farm in England. Our Tea Tree essential oil is imported from a farm located in Nambucca, Australia and our rosewater is imported from Lebanon. Each ingredient is put through a vigorous screening process before it is used in any formulation. We consider this a true labor of love anyone can appreciate.Our Formulation & Preservative Policy

Where are your products made?

100% of our finished products are made here in the USA. We have strong patriotic values that run deep throughout our company.
Although B.Witching began as a handcrafted toiletries company, today our products are manufactured in laboratories located in Ohio and Washington State. We stand behind our motto "All American Beauty" with products manufactured in the United States, using luxurious authentic ingredients, available at affordable everyday prices.

I’ve heard your products are used to alleviate eczema issues:

Yes. Our company was founded with the formulation of our first Therapeutic Cream, designed for hypersensitive skin. Our family has used this cream for generations to assist with treating our dry, flaky and itchy eczema issues. We have been so successful with our formulas that outsiders would never even know we had a skin ailment. These lotions and creams are especially useful during the colder months. Many of our customers have expressed the same success after using these products.

Do you test your products on animals?
No. Our company is committed to providing cruelty-free cosmetics and B.Witching Bath Co's products are never tested on animals. Join us in supporting - People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA.org and Cruelty Free International and ban animal testing.
We stand behind our commitment by founding the B.Witching Bunny Barn Sanctuary a no-kill safe haven for abused, abandoned and neglected domestic rabbits. Look for photos of our beautiful B.Witching Bunnies on Facebook and Instagram.B.Witching Rabbit Rescue

About our company name:
Way back in the day when the company was emerging into the twenty-first century, there was much debate among our family members and ultimately we settled on renaming the company B.Witching Bath Company. In order to dispel any mystery here’s what it means. The “B” stands for Bruce, our family name. “Witching” is a pun on words referring to some old family humor and our home town Greenwich, CT.
Which brings us to the “Bath” part. In some areas of the world a bath is a communal place where people come together to share a cleansing experience. All jokes aside, we just thought these words sounded nice together and customers liked it, so it stuck with us.

Old family photos:
Many people ask about our photos. Throughout our website and marketing materials you will see aged photos of our family members. All of these are real untouched photos of Great-grandma Bruce and our family. The main logo photo we use of a dark haired young woman held up by two other young men, is a photo of our founder along with her two brothers. We especially love this photo because it captures a whimsical moment and reminds us of a time when life was a little bit simpler.

How did you get so many celebrities in your Fan Club?
We have a sincere appreciation for all our fans. Celebrities are just like everyone else, except they are more willing to let us take their photo. E-mail us a photo and you very well may find it here on our website. B.Witching Fan Club

Can I follow you on Social Media?
Yes. B.Witching Bath Co. has come a long way in the last 40 years! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for fun behind the scenes photos, new products, our super cute bunnies and up to date magazine and media features. Link us to your B.Witching photos too. We LOVE Fan Photos! See our social media links below.

I prefer to shop locally. How can I find a retailer in my neighborhood who sells B.Witching products?
True to our Main Street USA values, we encourage customers to shop locally. Here is a list of shops that stock a selection of our products. If there is something you are not able to find at their location, we're sure they would love to hear your suggestions.Find A Retailer

How can I keep informed about news and special deals?

That's simple, remember to sign up for our Newsletter. We will not bombard you with constant e-mails, just the important items to keep you "In the Know" including special deals, events and news when the opportunity presents it's self. On average we send out one newsletter a month.

Do you practice or promote Witchcraft?
Oh dear, now this is a funny one, the simple answer is, NO. Any suggestion otherwise is false. Several years ago we began to host Bath Potion Classes for children and adults who were interested in mixing bath salts and candle making. These classes are designed for entertainment purposes only.

Do you have any specials for first time customers?
So you want to try B.Witching's products, but are still on the fence? We can sweeten the experience! Enter code: FIRSTTIME and you will receive a modest discount off your entire order. This is a single use coupon and can not be combined with any other offer. Enjoy!